Our Story

Since 1991, you or someone you know has likely worn Hank Player.

When Hank's young son began dressing himself, he kept pulling the same soft T-shirts out of his drawer. Hank recognized this behavior because he was doing the same thing. That's when the clothing company, Hank Player, was imagined into life.

In the beginning, Hank Player designed and shipped from the garage, books were done at the kitchen table, and the banker who gave our company it's first loan did so while seated atop the dryer. He actually said, “Hey, it’s the American dream, right?”

And that dream has become a beautiful reality.

The concept is simple, soft, durable clothing that you will want to wear every day. Our tees and sweats are made in the USA with the best quality cotton and a true-to-size fit. Our blanks are a wardrobe staple, and our graphics are timeless, making Hank Player perfect for everyone in your family.

Hank Player has weathered the American economic storms: the housing bubble, an economic downturn, and a worldwide pandemic. We are still here because we, like our product, are quality-driven and authentic.

Favorite T-shirts don’t come along often, but if your drawer is filled with classic Hank Player, they come along every day.